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Alan rarely knows what the final print might look like when the shutter is pressed. He uses several software program's to manipulate the various aspects of an image - focus, light and shadow, lines, empty space, texture, colour and contrast - and rules and no rules.


With personal projects, you don’t necessarily have a deadline so, much like an artist, Alan might re-visit a file many times until he has produced something to his liking.


Alan aims is to produce a image that is different, and interesting. A print that someone might want to display on their wall, not as a simple photograph, but something artistic.


Abstracts make you think more about texture, lighting, colour. Abstracts enable you to concentrate the viewers attention on one aspect.


There are thousands of good photographers out there. Alan recommends aspiring photographers to learn all they can about technique - but be prepared to break the rules to produce something different. If you always compose according to the rule of thirds, for example, your prints may become slightly….... predictable.