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Paul’s love of the outdoors and long standing passion for photography have combined to provide the perfect antidote to a busy working life. Having grown up in a world of 35mm film and a darkroom filled with chemicals, he was a relatively slow adopter of the digital age of photography. Now he has seen the light in more ways than one, which has left him wondering why he was so late on the uptake!


However, a life shooting film means that he still shoots in a slow methodical manner, resisting the urge to fire off numerous shots in the hope that one will work. 90% of a successful image is made in the camera, and patience is all. Post processing merely teases out the detail buried away in each pixel and will never make a poor image a good one.


Working mostly in black and white, Paul’s main area of focus is landscapes. The broad open skies of Salisbury Plain and South West France are the perfect source of inspiration for his work. However, it is impossible to ignore the palette that nature has provided and no collection would be complete without a sprinkling of colour.


Paul is also an enthusiast of street and candid photography, which presents its own very different set of challenges, and an entirely different way of working. Occasionally he will be brave enough to share the results of his studies in this genre!